With a social media marketing background, I apply the cutting edge methods of social media advertising to access targeted audiences which gets your listing in front of the qualified customers who are shopping for homes like yours.

The first 14 days that your home is on the market is a pivotal time to get your home in front of as many qualified buyers as possible. Using social media marketing, I capitalize on this time period and ensure these qualified buyers are shown content that exemplifies the key features of your home.



I got my first taste of business when flipping cars at 13, flipping 32 before becoming a REALTOR®, because of this I have learned tried and true negotiation skills. I will work to get you the most for your home, no matter the market climate.

innovative Market Analysis tools

Using revolutionary MLS analysis tools, I am able to show you how your home fits into today's market as well as it's likelihood of selling, the size of potential buyers pool and estimated time on market.  With this information, we can make an informed decision on where to position your home within it's comparable market. 


I love what I do. Because of this I will always make myself available to my clients, around the clock. You don’t have to wait for business hours to get ahold of me, I am always happy to help. This also includes weekend open houses, door hanger advertising and contests promoting your home.

distinct signage and Marketing Materials

Here at 460 Realty we are proud of the brand that we have built. Our agents use uniform signage with crisp, clean designs as well as marketing materials that showcase your home to potential buyers. Our distinct branding sets your home apart from the crowd. 

Professional photography and floor plan mapping

With nearly 100% of buyers beginning their search online, it is imperative that the photos that accompany your listing are of the utmost quality, both on our network of websites and in our property brochures. These beautiful photos are accompanied by a detailed visual floor plan to give buyers a better idea of the layout that your home offers.

worldwide listing distribution

Your home will be listed on our Multiple Listing System, not only making it visible on Canadian MLS sites nationwide but also notifying the thousands of pre-qualified buyers who have been set up on a PCS. This ensures maximum exposure to buyers and their REALTOR®s. On the REALTOR® facing side of the MLS, your listing will be accompanied by all necessary supporting documentation to ensure a smooth transaction, making it more attractive to Buyer's agents. 

My promise to you as your listing agent does not end with this list. To learn more, request a CMA and I will present you with further details of the scope of services you can expect from a full service REALTOR® like myself. 

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